OPTIM FINANTS OÜ is accounting services company that was founded in 2007.

We provide quality accounting and professional services using our experience. We are located in Tallinn at the address Toompuiestee 17a.

We specialise in accounting services, provide advisory services, optimise company expenses as well as open commercial and non-profit enterprises and FIE in Estonia. We assist in registering a permanent location of a legal entity in Finland, provide accounting support and submit declarations according to Finnish law.

Among our clients you can find service companies, shops, international carriers, construction companies, programmers, shipbuilders, travel agencies and companies engaged in metal construction, Internet marketing, wholesale and retail trade, moreover our services are highly sought by small companies with several employees and FIE.

The structure of our main list of accounting services fully provides the necessary accounting operations of your company.

Organisation of business accounting
• Work with documents (sales invoices and purchase accounts, bank records etc.).
• Overall organisation of accounting.
• Records related to employees.
• Accounting of fixed assets.
• State reporting (declarations etc.).
The initiation of a legal entity
• Assistance in the initiation of a legal entity. 
• Change of the registration data of a legal entity.
Declarations and Reports
• Monthly submission of a declaration of income tax, social tax and turnover tax to the Tax and Customs Board.
• Tax consulting.
• Submission of statistical reports to the Department of Statistics.
• Preparation of reports (including consolidated ones) for the financial year.
• Conclusion, amendment and termination of employment contracts and contracts with board members.
• Drafting job descriptions.
• Designing a schedule of vacations, orders, notifications and other personnel documents.
• Recording of working time.
• Tracking the validity of health insurance at the Health Insurance Fund.
Business trips
• Preparation of reports on domestic and foreign business trips.
• Calculation of daily allowances.
• Management of issue documents.
Sale invoices and purchase accounts
• Issuing and sending sales invoices.
• Sending reminders to the customers.
• Payment and entry into the system of purchase accounts.
Execution of A1 certificate
• Preparation of documents and execution of A1 certificate to provide the right to work in Finland, assistance when dealing with the Finnish Tax Department.
• Consultations during the registration of E-Residence, assistance in opening a legal entity and further support of accounting reports, optimisation of tax payments.
Assistance in registering short-term work papers for foreigners
Express courses and practical training of accounting individually
• We offer courses in small groups or individually to help new accountants who wish to update or restore accounting knowledge, including taking a QUICK COURSE AND A PRACTICAL TRAINING OF ACCOUNTING.

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